Connecting Brands to Markets

Connecting Brands to Markets


The ARTIS MUSIC brand unit is one of the top specialists for orchestra and string instruments in Germany and Austria.

Our range features over 250 musical instruments, from basic student flutes to gold-plated saxophones, and violins to concert timpani.

ARTIS MUSIC works with renowned instrument manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France, Taiwan, Japan, China and the US. From there, the goods are imported to Germany and distributed to music shops throughout Germany and Austria.

ARTIS MUSIC - a team of dedicated individuals committed to equipping musicians with the finest musical instruments.


New: Henri SELMER Paris SUPREME Tenor Saxophone
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„The Magic Flute“
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Henri SELMER Paris: MUSE Bb and A clarinets with 19 keys.
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Premium service provides the basis for a successful partnership and is the number one priority at ARTIS MUSIC. All instruments undergo strict quality checks and only the finest products are stored and sold.

Our spare parts warehouse contains several thousand individual parts at all times. Keys, valves, springs and numerous other parts are listed individually to allow us to assist you right away without any issues when your instrument needs servicing.

In line with legal warranty requirements, all repairs are performed by our specialized professionals at our in-house workshop following prior arrangement.


...Alone we're capable of great things; together we can achieve far more.

Our product and marketing specialists are passionate about our brands and apply this enthusiasm to advertise them with market-driven concepts and professional services.

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