Whistleblower Protection Act

We would like to inform you about the Whistleblower Protection Act, which has been in effect in Germany since July 2, 2023. This law was introduced to protect whistleblowers who report possible violations of laws or misconduct within companies.

What is the Whistleblower Protection Act?

The Whistleblower Protection Act is designed to protect individuals who, in good faith, report violations of laws or regulations within a company. It stipulates that whistleblowers are protected from discrimination and retaliation. The law provides a legal framework to ensure that whistleblowers can express their concerns without fear of professional consequences.

Who can be a whistleblower?

A whistleblower can be any person associated with our company, including employees, as well as suppliers, customers, and other individuals connected to the company.

Protection measures for whistleblowers:

The law protects whistleblowers from workplace disadvantages, including termination, reassignment, or discrimination. It also requires companies to take appropriate measures to protect the identity of whistleblowers.

For MUSIK MEYER, it is particularly important to treat concerns confidentially and protect every whistleblower!


It is important to emphasize that the law ensures the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity unless the whistleblower explicitly agrees to disclosure or disclosure is legally required.

We encourage all employees to report any concerns about legal violations or misconduct internally. MUSIK MEYER takes such reports seriously and will ensure they are handled appropriately and confidentially.

What can I report?

Any suspicion of an actual or potential violation of laws or internal regulations. The suspicion can be directed either against individual MUSIK MEYER employees or in connection with a MUSIK MEYER business or a supplier of MUSIK MEYER. Please only submit complaints or reports if you are convinced of their accuracy.

You can find the exact text of the law here: Law for better protection of reporting persons  (Source: gesetze-im-internet.de)

How can reports be submitted?

Form for the Whistleblower Protection Act

The input mask at the bottom of this page is available in German and English. It is free of charge and can be accessed around the clock.

By post or internal post to the following address:

Whistleblower Protection Reporting (Confidential)
Industriestraße 20
35096 Marburg

In person/by phone:

In addition, you can reach our internal reporting office at the phone number 06421 -989 253.
For personal reports, please make an appointment in advance by phone.

Please use the above contact information to confidentially report your concerns or to obtain additional information about the Whistleblower Protection Act.


External reporting offices:

The federal government establishes an external reporting office at the Federal Office of Justice (external reporting office of the federal government).

Is every complaint reviewed?

In principle, all complaints and reports that reach us are taken seriously. Initially, it is checked whether the reported violation falls within the scope of the Whistleblower Protection Act. The reporting office checks whether the complaint or report contains sufficient information for further clarification, and if necessary, we will contact you again. In any case, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your report within 7 days.

What happens to my complaint or report after it has been reviewed?

Once the complaint or report has been reviewed, the reporting office may transfer the case to another relevant department within the company for processing and clarification, or to a competent authority. During the investigation, the reporting office reviews all relevant documents, speaks with witnesses and affected parties, and analyzes electronic data if necessary.

Possible results of the clarification process include recommendations for disciplinary measures or other corrective actions.

If possible and legally permissible, we will inform you of the measures taken within three months—even if the clarification process is not yet complete.

Contact Whistleblowing protection:  
Mr. Martin Linne
Tel: 06421 -989 253
E-Mail: whistleblowing@musik-meyer.de


Thank you for your support and trust!


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Whistleblower Protection Act

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