The brands hold the baton and the retail sector plays. We’ve partnered with manufacturers and retailers based on our virtuosic knowledge of the European markets:

  • Sales and logistics for several countries throughout Europe
  • Comprehensive support with eight specialized Brand Units
  • Communications in the local language, depending on the sales region
  • Extensive marketing services for all market players
  • In-depth market knowledge in Europe: laws and European regulations such as compliance directives, etc.
  • B2B retailer platform: 24/7 access to orders, availability, marketing materials, invoices, etc.

Music was our first love

The history of our company can be traced back to 1857, when August Meyer began crafting clarinets by hand in the small town of Klingenthal in East Germany.

His son Max Meyer subsequently took the reins of the company and specialized in the production of accessories for woodwind instruments.

In light of the turmoil of World War Two, the company was dissolved, Germany was split and the family fled to the West. In Marburg, Max Meyer’s son, Gotthold Meyer, laid the foundations for the further development of the company group.

Mrs. and Mr. Meyer

In 1980, Matthias Meyer became head of the company and helped it grow into one of the most successful brand distribution partners in Europe through continuous adjustment to market changes with the support of this wife, Elisabeth. Values such as an ambitious mindset, a sound business strategy and trustworthy behavior have proven to be the building blocks in the company’s success.


Sales- & Marketing-Units

Brand Units

Servicetechniker und Logistikprofis

Service Technicians and Logistics Experts

Händler in unseren Vertriebsgebieten


Retailers in our sales regions

musikbegeisterte Mitarbeiter

Employees with a passion for music

m² Warenlager

m² warehouse

Sales Representatives


Orders sent within 24 hours

Instrumenten-Checks pro Jahr

Instrument checks each year

What we do

Advantages for manufacturers and retailers

Creative, focused and simultaneously flexible brand units on the one hand, and the entire MUSIK MEYER Group on the other hand, provide the ideal symbiosis for success. Specialist product and market knowledge, supplemented by concentrated sales expertise, modern logistics and after-sales services form the key strengths of the well-established SME. The strengths of MUSIK MEYER simultaneously represent the strengths of the brand, manufacturer and retailer. It’s no real surprise that manufacturers and retailers enjoy working with us.

Advantages for manufacturers

  • Uniform brand presence throughout various sales regions

  • All services provided by a single provider with a presence in several sales regions

  • Reduced costs for individual brands thanks to synergy effects

  • Experienced experts and passionate musicians as Brand Managers

  • A central warehouse in the heart of Europe

  • Financial planning security through reliable forecasts

  • Remain on target during daily operations: in-depth knowledge of markets and regulations in the EU and individual European target countries

  • Stay up to date with regular reports

  • Quick and reliable payment through a financially secured distributor

Advantages for retailers

  • A strong partner to take care of all needs of the trade
  • Personal interactions and shared objectives
  • Excellent availability and quick delivery
  • Marketing and sales support for our distributors
  • Quality checks performed by MUSIK MEYER Service Technicians
  • Individual buying terms for the brand portfolio
  • Professional after-sales structure and warranty management
  • Retailer platform: 24/7 access to orders, availability, marketing materials, invoices, etc.

MUSIK MEYER supports retailers in putting brands and products on the local markets in several ways. A firmly established network comprising all relevant market players ensures we remain on top of the latest trends. Retailers appreciate and benefit from the strength of the company MUSIK MEYER as a whole.

MUSIK MEYER: Sales specialists

MUSIK MEYER: Sales specialists

Our sales employees have a thing or two in common with rock stars: they're constantly on tour. They bring the music to the people. Many of them play instruments themselves and generate enthusiasm during their visits to dealers, fully identifying with the brand and instrument.

Our in-house Sales Team is also closely involved in everything to do with our brands. Together, they enable us to offer our comprehensive service package. After-sales, warranty management and other services are entrusted to our experienced pros. Our b2b platform gives retailers 24/7 access to orders, availability, marketing materials, invoices and much more. Here, our partners can also find individual terms and other useful features to make their work easier.

MUSIK MEYER: Marketing specialists

Identification is the strongest form of emotional bond you can have to a brand. At MUSIK MEYER, we always fully identify with all of our brands and convey this identification to the target markets.

This allows us to transform global marketing strategies into national campaigns. This way, each success achieved in the individual target markets contributes to the wide range of overriding global marketing goals, transforming the manufacturer's product into our product.

In order to achieve targets, our marketing experts devise multichannel sets of measures in line with our times, from POS to social media, and always entice passion. We make sure that all market players are accounted for and networks are optimally utilized: from the press, music teachers, endorser(s) and influencer(s) to artists and associations, etc.

MUSIK MEYER: A passion for our products

MUSIK MEYER is centrally managed in Marburg. The city in the heart of Germany provides the ideal location for our 10,000 m² warehouse, from which products are sent to their target markets. Here, our strength comes in handy. 90 % of orders leave our warehouse within 24 hours.

Our passion for products goes far beyond logistics fine-tuned over the years, high availability and quick delivery; it is weaved throughout the entire customer journey: in the optimal quality and commitment with which we care for our products. Our 13 quality check service technicians perform 30,000 instrument checks each year to ensure that every product is flawless before delivery. The after-sales team is responsible for subsequent support. Making your work easier. Our partners know they can always rely on us.