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Music instruments, electronics and accessories distribution

MUSIK MEYER lives and breathes music. We’ve been striking the right chord between manufacturers and retailers for over 70 years as the top partner for the exclusive distribution of music instruments, electronics and accessories in Europe. Our Brand Units bring music instruments and technology to hobby and professional musicians alike. The core competence of the company expertise lies in developing brands and marketing premium products from the world's leading manufacturers. One thing always remains in focus: the brand. We love music ... and what we do.


Our core business

We love giving brands a platform. Our marketing experts make sure brands get heard – and played – in our sales territories.

Our goal

We love to put brands to market in our sales territories. Our sales experts adapt the sales strategies to each market to ensure optimum success!

Our job

We love marketing products from the world's leading manufacturers and supporting our retailers at every level!

Our brands

We love music, our brands … and what we do!

Brand Units



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Who we are

Sales, marketing & passion for our products

Music is a true passion. Many of our 170 employees are musicians themselves. They play our instruments, they feel the brand and give their best day in and day out. Our brands benefit from their vast knowledge and extensive experience on a daily basis:

  • Brand presence in Europe: anyone can be loud, but we make sure we’re heard
  • Our sales team: a passion for sales, product knowledge and the right network
  • Logistics: availability and quality checks keep things running smoothly

MUSIK MEYER is a family-owned company: values such as loyalty, respect for each other and a familial atmosphere for our employees are music to our ears.

What We Do

Advantages for manufacturers and retailers

At MUSIK MEYER, everything revolves around our brands. The same applies to our eight Brand Units that support the brands with different focuses and specialized expertise. Our Brand Management Teams apply their vast wealth of product and marketing experience to control all measures and achieve targets for the European markets.


Sales territorties

MUSIK MEYER conducts sales and logistics activities for several countries throughout Europe. Depending on the sales region, communications can be carried out in the local language. Everything is centrally controlled from the MUSIK MEYER headquarters in Marburg, Germany, in the heart of Europe: the ideal location for the quick and reliable distribution of goods.


News & Events

Brand Units

At MUSIK MEYER, everything revolves around our brands. The same applies to our independent Brand Units, which are each responsible for their own, tailored brand portfolio. Their different focuses and specialized expertise are supported by the strength of a SME.


The ARTIS MUSIC Brand Unit is one of the top specialists for orchestra and string instruments in Germany and Austria, featuring over 250 instruments in its product range.


With a large and exclusive range of international top brands, CORE ONE MUSIC spans a wide variety of genres and products, from e-guitars and ukuleles to accordions.


Our KORG & MORE Brand Unit began with the distribution of KORG synthesizers and tuners for string instruments – it has since grown to include an extensive range of products and a selection of digital and analog instruments and tools for virtually all musicians.


MUSIK & TECHNIK provides exclusive support to brands in the drum, guitar and pro audio markets throughout Germany and Austria and distributes their music instruments and accessories.


With around 30 selected brands in its portfolio, MUSIK MEYER Benelux operates on an international scale in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

The MUSIK MEYER International Brand Unit currently serves the markets in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Denmark.

MUSIK MEYER Switzerland

As an independent legal entity with its Head Office in Urdorf/Zurich, MUSIK MEYER AG has its own Managing Director, Sales & Marketing Department, and Service and Repairs Center.


Brands distributed by the QS-MUSIC Brand Unit are supplied to sub-distributors and selected retailers throughout Europe.


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