AZUMI – Handmade headjoint made by ALTUS

The original concept of building the perfect flutes for both students and advanced players provoked Shuichi Tanaka, the founder of ALTUS Handmade Flutes, to devise a system that has facilitated the development of machine manufactured flutes complemented with professional handmade headjoints. A flute's sound depends to a large extent on the silver alloy employed in its construction.

This is the reason behind the availability of AZUMI flutes in both 925 Sterling silver and 985 Britannia silver. In combination with the special lip-plate cut for the two series, Z-Cut or S-Cut, it is safe to say that each player will find an instrument that is the perfect match for his or her preferences of sound and playing abilities. Benefits which can only result in increased motivation and greater musical progress on the flute. A professional handmade-modification with great results: The slightly curved lip plate is worked by hand over the entire surface. The flanks of the embouchure hole and the lower edge of the riser are cut by hand.

Depending on the series, the headjoints are manufactured with Z-Cut, for easy response and easy focusing of the tone, or S-Cut for a colourful, personal sound with slightly higher blowing resistance.