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KORG KAOSS Replay - the groundbreaking stand-alone instrument for exciting live performances

Hardly anyone would have dared to dream of the decades-long success story of KORG's KAOSS technology when it saw the light of day in 1999 with the first KAOSS PAD. Shortly after, not only DJs, for whom this product was originally designed, but also producers, beatboxers and live musicians of various styles began to discover the potential of this new approach to using effects dynamically and thus making them a main component of the performance. So it's no wonder that KAOSS technology still enjoys a steadily growing fan community almost a quarter of a century later. With the KAOSS Replay, KORG now presents the latest member of this successful family of devices - and completely redefines the concept of an inspiring performance tool "just like that".

The KAOSS Replay combines a surprisingly powerful pad sampler with KORG's popular KAOSS effect technology, making it a true performance monster. Up to 128 sample slots are available per project, all of which can be loaded with one-shots, loops or even complete tracks and fired via 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with coloured LED lighting. Each of these samples can be assigned to one of two group faders, creating seamless transitions for hours of DJ sets. The 5" colour OLED touch display allows intuitive control of the 128 internal KAOSS effects and trimming of recorded samples, while essential DJ functions such as Hot Cues, Tap / Auto BPM, Sync, Quantize and Variable Pitch perfectly round off the overall package. The result is a compact stand-alone tool that can easily replace a complete DJ setup. The integrated USB audio interface allows you to sample the audio signal of a computer as well as record your own live performances in a DAW. And since the KAOSS Replay can be powered by a standard power bank if desired, even performance locations far from any power supply are no obstacle.

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KAOSS Replay – Dynamic Effect / Sampler