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SDRUM Strummable Drums™ From DigiTech

DigiTech announces SDRUM Strummable Drums™, the first-ever intelligent drum machine for guitarists and bassists is now available again. Boasting studio-quality samples and five professional sounding drum kits and BeatScratch™ technology, SDRUM allows users to create drum patterns by simply strumming strings.

SDRUM allows you to create realistic sounding drum parts, here you can choose from five different drum kits sounds for a variety of genres. The KICK and SNARE pads can be used to preview different kits and type in beats, while the GUITAR AUDITION button turns drum output on or off while playing. Up to 36 songs can be stored in the SDRUM, and the unit supports three different parts - e.g. verse, chorus, bridge - for each song to facilitate live performance and support composition and creativity. In addition, JamSync™ functionality facilitates compatibility with JamMan® loopers, further increasing SDRUM's capacity in concert, practice and studio environments. The compact SDRUM is similar in size to most compact effects units and fits easily on standard pedalboards. A sturdy metal chassis ensures that SDRUM is stage and road ready. SDRUM eliminates the hassle of searching through libraries of rhythm patterns; it's the fastest way to go from a beat idea to a working drum track.

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  • BeatScratch™ Technology
  • JamSync™ Support
  • Studio-quality samples
  • Five drum kits
  • Verse/Chorus/Bridge parts
  • Alternate instruments/voicings
  • External FS3X support
  • Kick/Snare pads
  • Controls: Tap Tempo, Verse/, Chorus, Bridge, Song, Groove/Kit, Hats/Rides, Level, Temp, Alt Kit, Alt Hats/Rides, Guitar Audition, Kick Snare, Footswitch
  • 5.25” (L) x 3.15”(W) x 2.3” (H)/ 133mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 58mm (H)
  • 1.12 lb./.51 kg
  • Power Supply (external – included): PS0913DC-04 (US, JA, EU, AU, UK)