Henri SELMER Paris: MUSE Bb and A clarinets with 19 keys.

Ease of response, tone rich in harmonics, flexibility, reliability...

Designed to become the natural extension of your breath, the Bb and A MUSE clarinets have been designed for musicians seeking instruments offering a very precise and direct response. They offer a great ease of playing, an immediate vibration, a clear, colorful, warm tone. Their comfort and the design of the keywork allow for a very quick adaptation to the instrument.

The MUSE clarinet's intonation has also been optimised, well calibrated with precise intervals. It has a great homogeneity in all registers and switching from note to note.
The EVOLUTION ★ system has been integrated to the MUSE clarinet. This innovation based on a new generation resin interior lining, providing better stability and longevity to the instrument, while preserving the acoustic qualities of the traditional wooden clarinet. Henri SELMER Paris is now glad to present the Bb- and A-MUSE with 19 keys, both with an additional mechanism for the exceptional correction of low E & F.