The Colors of Rock ’n’ Roll

In 1958, Roland Sherwood ‘Ernie’ Ball opened a small music shop in California which initially specialised solely in guitars.

Ernie Ball himself was an enthusiastic musician and found that many artists thought their guitar strings were too thick, leading him to create his legendary Slinkys. These were the perfect strings for the Rock 'n’ Roll generation and many legendary musicians such as Paul McCartney, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Slash, Jimmy Page and Buddy Guy have created their unique sound with ERNIE BALL strings ever since.

ERNIE BALL has developed into an innovative company, constantly testing the latest technologies and materials for string production to add interesting, well-regarded product developments.

The ERNIE BALL range is now also a modern accessories provider offering plenty of ideas for string musicians, from plectrums and guitar straps to capos.

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