Shuichi Tanaka, the founder of ALTUS, is one of today’s most outstanding flutemakers emerging from the Japanese flute manufacturing tradition. A gifted flautist, Tanaka developed from early on – during his flute studies with Toshio Takahashi – a genuine interest in the sound qualities and technical aspects of his instrument. As a flautist, the construction of the headjoint became his first fascination. He thoroughly investigated all the factors influencing the sound of the instrument, since every cut, file stroke and material combination provokes a change of sound.

The first ALTUS flutes were built in Tanaka’s small workshop, which he regularly visited as an adviser to the K.H.S. Music company. Before long, ALTUS flutes gained enormous international recognition, and the increased demand enabled Shuichi Tanaka to return to Japan to realise his dream of his own workshop in the midst of the Japanese Alps in Azumino, near Matsumoto in 1990. Ever since, these handmade flute masterpieces have been built in Azumino. The ALTUS flute manufacturing team provides flautists all over the world with flutes that represent technically perfect masterpieces which allow for the maximum possible musical expression.

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