You give it your all on stage - and TAKAMINE helps you do this.

The TAKAMINE credos could be taken from this formula, but that wouldn't do justice to the tradition and demands of these instruments that are produced with love and passion. After all, TAKAMINE is so much more: TAKAMINE builds the right guitars to bring your artistic vision to life, representing a connection between elegant aesthetics and masterful, Japanese precision.

TAKAMINE uses selected materials during all stages of production, from the top-quality tonewood to the hardware components. Decades of guitar-building experience go into the production of each instrument, requiring a high degree of skill and craftsmanship, such as how the bracing is optimised in each model and all top models are adjusted precisely by hand, clever solutions such as the butterfly patch additionally stabilise the central bracing to transfer the energy to the outside. A narrower bracing in the sonic sections results in an actively vibrating surface and a fuller sound.

TAKAMINE’s leading model is in its element in the area of live sound with electronics which are perfectly tailored to the instruments and many innovative features: it's no coincidence that countless stars such as Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and Garth Brooks solely rely on TAKAMINE quality on stage.

TAKAMINE THE 60TH Anniversary Modell

For the 60th anniversary of the company's history, TAKAMINE has come up with something very special, the THE 60TH model.
With this model, TAKAMINE looks back to the early years and revives, for example, old body shapes, tonewood combinations and preamps that were partly responsible for the breakthrough to the top of the world at that time.

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