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VIC FIRTH at MUSIK MEYER International

VIC FIRTH at MUSIK MEYER International

As of 01.11. Musik Meyer International takes over the distribution of VIC FIRTH, the world's leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets, in Poland.

As a specialized brand unit within MUSIK MEYER GmbH, MUSIK MEYER International stands for the continuous development of the company structure in a market environment that is becoming more and more European.

Since 1994, the MUSIK & TECHNIK brand unit of MUSIK MEYER GmbH has been responsible for the distribution of VIC FIRTH products in Germany. Later MUSIK MEYER Switzerland took over the distribution for Switzerland.

The long-term and trustful cooperation with VIC FIRTH, highly qualified brand managers and a marketing department that creates modern and individual sales strategies lead MUSIK MEYER International to take over the exclusive distribution of VIC FIRTH products in Poland.

The international sales & marketing team of MUSIK MEYER International consists of native speaking representatives in the sales territories as well as employees at the company's headquarters in Marburg.