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HAGSTROM Ultramax Special with three beautiful finishes

HAGSTROM Ultramax Special – Feast for your eyes and ears on this stunning trio

Hagstrom has never been shy to push the envelope of tonal possibilities and even creating new instruments in the process: Like the famed 8-String Bass or the sought after Patch guitars, to name but a few. While marrying the long scaled single cut guitar approach with coil split options is no stranger to Hagstrom’s portfolio, this Ultra Max Special takes it to a whole different level. Equipped with three humbuckers (Lundgren Design No. 5 Bridge | H-52 Middle | Lundgren Design No.2 Neck) and a five way lever switch with auto coil splitting in the number 4 and 2 positions, the bass cut filter on the tone potentiometer offers even more sonic bliss. Combine this with truly spectacular flame maple tops and three stunning finish options, you get a strong contender. The Ultra Max Special is offered in a selected number of markets and is readily available at appointed dealers. Find out more on our HAGSTROM website