FGN J-Standard Iliad Exotic Wood


Finest handmade Guitars from Japan

The traditional Japanese manufacturer Fujigen stands for the perfect fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern production methods.

Shortly after its formation in 1960, Fujigen made a name for itself by producing the Japanese series for many renowned brands.

In 2010, Fujigen finally launched the premium guitar brand, FGN, on the market. FGN benefits from the knowledge gained over 60 years of professional guitar manufacturing.

All FGN guitars are made from the finest materials and are exclusively made in Japan.

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"FGN guitars won me over from the word go with their sound, quality and feel. After searching for a long-term partner to provide support for all my musical endeavors, I feel confident that I’ve made the right choice with FNG [...] My favorite jazz guitar is the Masterfield MFA-FP with its fantastic acoustic tone that is masterfully reproduced by the floating pickup."