FGN Guitars & Basses - New website online!

At  Offizielle Homepage FGN Premium Gitarren und Bässe

 you will find an overview of the current portfolio of FGN Guitars. With many pictures, videos and information, all instruments and models that are currently available are presented.
The new website offers a significantly new structure and already ensures that everything has a solid and functioning basic structure for the upcoming product range change at the beginning of 2024 and the associated release of new models.

For more than 60 years, FUJIGEN has been known and appreciated all over the world as THE guitar maker in Japan. FGN has made a name for itself in the guitar market with its outstanding manufacturing quality and a wide range of interesting models with unique features.

Further information about FGN and the many artists who play FGN can be found at: 

Offizielle Homepage FGN Premium Gitarren und Bässe

 or at Musik & Technik - MUSIK & TECHNIK