ALCHEM-E: The new, groundbreaking e-drum series from ZILDJIAN

ZILDJIAN unveils the new ALCHEM-E E-Drum Series, available from September 2024, promising the most impressive E-drum experience in the world. This series includes three different models: Bronze EX, Gold, and the flagship Gold EX. Each kit comes equipped with the groundbreaking ZILDJIAN E-FAMILY cymbals and the innovative ZILDJIAN E-VAULT (ZEV1) Drum Module, delivering unprecedented authenticity.

The ZILDJIAN ALCHEM-E Drumkits feature the most responsive triggers on the market, providing an extremely detailed and realistic playing experience. They are ideal for both aspiring drummers looking to improve their skills and experienced professionals seeking ultimate authenticity.


Full Kits: All models are equipped with real wood shells - the Bronze EX with a mixture of poplar/basswood and the Gold/Gold EX models with American Maple. The Gold/Gold EX in particular can also be used as a fully-fledged acoustic set by changing the heads. The e-drum kits also include basic hardware equipment, consisting of a boom cymbal stand, module stand and tom holder(s).

ZILDJIAN E-FAMILY Cymbals: These revolutionary cymbals utilize patented algorithm-driven technology, the Zildjian™ Trigger System, offering superior responsiveness compared to traditional rubber or metal cymbals. The alloy cymbals provide an unparalleled playing experience, resembling acoustic cymbals but significantly quieter.

ZILDJIAN E-VAULT Drum Module: With 400 years of sound innovation at your fingertips, this new module offers an authentic sonic experience. The ZILDJIAN E-VAULT Sound Library comprises a vast collection of high-quality drum, cymbal, and percussion sounds, providing access to nearly the entire ZILDJIAN cymbal catalog. It's easy to navigate with its intuitive interface and high-quality 5-inch color touchscreen display.


With its innovative technologies and rich tradition, ZILDJIAN is setting new standards in terms of playing feel, sound quality and authenticity with the new ALCHEM-E series. Whether beginner or professional, these e-drum kits offer everything a drummer could wish for.

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