AGUILAR Amplification - New Tone Hammer and AG Heads!

Tone Hammer Familie
The US bass amp manufacturer AGUILAR surprises the bass world with four new tops.

After many successful and reliable years, the two popular series Tone Hammer and AG are now getting an update for the first time. 

The main focus has been on ensuring that the previous quality features, such as the sound, remain unchanged. Instead, in addition to a few visual changes, modern features have been added.

Dual XLR connections and extended connectivity

With two XLR connections, users can freely shape their sound. While the front DI output sends a clean signal to the FoH mix, the rear DI output can use speaker IRs (Impulse Responses) for your monitor mix.

Aux in and headphone out

All tops feature aux in and headphone out options for quiet practicing and a mix control for fine tuning.

AGUILAR Cabinet Suite

With the software suite, bass players can load any of the inhouse designed SL/DB cabinet IR's or load their own custom IR files for cabinet emulations options via a USB-C interface, which are then sent to either the DI 2-XLR or headphone output.

Universally protected!

The two series each have universal mains that adapts easily voltage changes when traveling internationally. In addition, all amplifiers are set to a minimum impedance of 2.67 ohms load. This allows more flexibility for expanded cabinet pairings.

The AGUILAR Tone Hammer 500 and AG 500 tops are now available to order from all AGUILAR dealers. The large 700 watt version of the two series will be available in stores from around July/August 2024. 

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