AVID Carbon Image 2



For three decades, AVID digital video editing systems have been a trusted tool for professional film and TV production facilities. The same applies to the Pro Tools software and hardware by Digidesign in the audio sector, also an AVID brand since 1995.

Pro Tools systems are the preferred choice of renowned musicians, sound engineers and producers when it comes to creating their award-winning films, videos, music recordings, TV programmes, live concerts and news broadcasts. Pro Tools was the first digital audio workstation (DAW) and is now an industry standard in all professional music and audio post-production studios around the globe.

The close, intelligent integration of the Pro Tools software, hardware and AVID user interfaces enables ultra-fast, creative work across all production levels like no other system on the market. Recording and monitoring with virtually no latency, audio and MIDI editing using smart tools, mixing with top-quality plugins and mastering for the end product from stereo to immersive audio: all in one packet that is continuously upgraded with new features and add-ons by a large team of developers.

“There’s still nothing out there that compares to Pro Tools when it comes to recording. Pro Tools | Carbon has allowed me to finally have a mobile HDX system without an expansion chassis with which I can use autotune at an extremely low latency. Carbon, laptop, ethernet cable—the perfect recording system for vocals and bands.”