MAPEX Marching

Marching Bands and MAPEX

The origin of civilian marching bands arose in 1892 after the end of the Civil War in the USA. Following the example of John Philip Sousa, more and more private and school marching bands were formed. The repertoire of marching bands is diverse, from marching songs to pop, blues as well as old-time jazz, every artist and taste is catered for.

Not far from Musik Meyer GmbH, Germany's first marching band was founded in the 1960s. "The Sound of Frankfurt" still exists today Due to the variety of styles, marching bands perform at sporting events, stage shows, street festivals and parades, among others.

MAPEX was founded in 1989 in Taiwan. Since then, they have produced many different lines of drums - including the MAPEX Marching line made from premium hardwoods such as maple, walnut and birch. These are carefully selected and tuned by experienced musicians and experts around the world. Because of its high standards, the MAPEX brand has become one of the top manufacturers in less than three decades. From bass drums, to snare drums and tenor drums, MAPEX Marching offers you a wide and characteristic range of marching instruments. Choose between our three marching series of Contender, Qualifier and Quantum Mark II series.

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