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BLACKSTAR Amplification new in distribution from September 1.

MUSIK MEYER GmbH announces distribution partnership with BLACKSTAR Amplification.

Music instrument distributor MUSIK MEYER GmbH, based in Marburg, Germany, is pleased to announce a significant partnership with BLACKSTAR Amplification, the renowned British manufacturer of high-quality guitar amplifiers and innovative music equipment.

Starting from September 1, 2023, the MUSIK MEYER Brand Unit CORE ONE MUSIC will be taking over the distribution of BLACKSTAR products in Germany and Austria. The BLACKSTAR range will also be available in Switzerland through MUSIK MEYER SCHWEIZ and in the markets of Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria through MUSIK MEYER INTERNATIONAL. As part of the new distribution structure, CORE ONE MUSIC will be responsible for coordinating the strategic brand management for the mentioned sales areas.

This strategic collaboration between MUSIK MEYER GmbH and BLACKSTAR Amplification represents a major step in the development of both companies, which are committed to offering their customers high-quality music products and services through a well-established distribution concept.

Paul Hayhoe, BLACKSTAR Co-Founder and Brand Director, stated, “We believe that MUSIK MEYER and the Brand Units in their respective European markets have the right infrastructure, market knowledge and marketing know-how to take Blackstar to the next level. The chemistry between the two companies is great and we anticipate this will be a long-term partnership based on integrity and a passion for delivering outstanding MI innovation.”

BLACKSTAR Amplification has earned an excellent reputation worldwide for its development and manufacturing of innovative guitar amplifier technology. From tube-driven classics to cutting-edge, technically and sonically advanced amplifier solutions, BLACKSTAR provides a thoughtful range of powerful, versatile, and reliable devices that have captured the hearts of musicians around the world.

CORE ONE MUSIC has extensive experience in distributing and marketing music instruments and professional musician equipment. The addition of BLACKSTAR Amplification to the portfolio of CORE ONE MUSIC is an ideal expansion of the distribution unit's brand assortment, especially considering the company's longstanding focus on amplifiers, electric guitars, electric basses, and electro-acoustic guitars. Customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria will benefit from CORE ONE MUSIC's extensive experience in these product areas and a well-established distribution and service offering.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with BLACKSTAR Amplification and offer our customers the excellent products of this modern and innovative company. Our aim is to promote a seamless experience in discovering, testing, and purchasing BLACKSTAR products in each market. Our focus is on ensuring excellent visibility and availability of BLACKSTAR products in the market, complemented by customer-oriented service offerings," says Marc Laukel, Brand Unit Director at CORE ONE MUSIC. "BLACKSTAR's corporate philosophy and commitment to innovation and quality align perfectly with our values, and we are confident that this new partnership will be under a very good and successful - black - star."

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