The Perfect Pair™

VIC FIRTH is a global leading manufacturer of drumsticks and mallets. Founded in 1963 by Everett ‘Vic’ Firth, the renowned Principal Timpanist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the company is known as a manufacturer of top-quality drumsticks in the music industry.

From the very beginning, VIC FIRTH produced the ‘Perfect Pair’™ under high environmental standards - completely straight sticks combining optimum pitch and weight. This concept revolutionised the market for drumsticks and catapulted the VIC FIRTH company into the top position that it maintains to this day. Excellent quality standards, product innovation and innovative sales and marketing measures make VIC FIRTH drumsticks the first choice for drummers across all musical genres worldwide.

“VIC FIRTH sticks offer the perfect feel, lasting durability and consistently perfectly matched pairs. In other words: They're the best sticks around!”