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Z Custom is back - the return of the legendary cymbal series

Z Custom is back - the return of the legendary cymbal series

After three decades since its original introduction, a true legend celebrates its comeback in the impressive repertoire of the ZILDJIAN cymbal family. The newly revised Z Custom series represents a return to the roots and offers drummers who prefer rock and heavy metal explosive and powerful sounds.

With the Brilliant finish and the iconic star pattern reminiscent of the original Z Custom series, these cymbals not only present themselves at the highest level in terms of sound, but also visually. With a design that captures the spirit of the first generation, they offer an aesthetic experience that will turn heads at every gig.

The Z Custom series embodies the essence of hard music genres and offers drummers the ideal cymbals for it. With their characteristic brightness and punch, these cymbals blend seamlessly into any energetic performance, whether on stage or in the studio.

With a combination of tradition and innovation, the reimagined Z Custom series brings the heritage of the past into the present while setting new standards for the future.

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