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For over 60 years, CORTEK has been one of the largest, most renowned and innovative guitar manufacturers worldwide and offers top-quality, affordable musical instruments with an excellent sound under its own brand name, CORT.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, musicians worldwide love the wide range of appealing steel and nylon string, electric and bass guitars plus amplifiers, particularly thanks to their extremely durable design.

CORT guitars are built in state-of-the-art production facilities in Indonesia and China using decades of guitar-manufacturing knowledge and experience. In order to sustain these key skills, the company implemented standards in wood selection, installed wood drying facilities, advanced CNC machines and modern painting methods early on and kept on investing in the development of modern production facilities, efficient production processes and employee training. CORT strives to produce outstanding guitars with the best price-performance ratio in order to please musicians of all musical genres.

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CORT Solencanto - Premium Classical Guitar
CORT Artisan C Deluxe Bass Guitarb - light weighted and colorful
CORT Artisan Space5 Headless Bass

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“I love the sound and how easy it is to play CORT classical and western guitars. When I play acoustic, I tend to play fusion, flamenco, latin and jazz—my CORT guitars ensure I always achieve a perfect and consistent sound on stage.”