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New German website for SCHECTER Guitar Research

New German website for SCHECTER Guitar Research

The German SCHECTER Guitar Research distributor CORE ONE MUSIC by MUSIK MEYER has completely revised the American guitar manufacturer's website for German-speaking countries and given it a new shine.  

In addition to the comprehensive visual upgrade of the website, one of the primary goals was to present the complete and very extensive range of the Californian guitar manufacturer in detail. Users should also be able to navigate through the website in different ways to get to the right instrument - regardless of whether they are looking for a specific instrument using a full-text search or simply want to be inspired. A special category filter was designed for guitarists, which you can use to narrow down your search for the perfect guitar by selecting, for example, design, number of strings, pickup configuration and a few more categories.  

For those who want to delve deeper into the details, the website provides detailed technical specifications for each instrument. From neck profiles, woods and dimensions to hardware, electronic components and matching cases, visitors can find all the specs they need to get in-depth information about the guitar or bass they want. So-called “Benefit Cards” also point out highlights of each instrument.

Schecter is very popular, not least among left-handers,

as there are almost 150 Lefty models in its range. Therefore, on the one hand, a complete overview of all left-handed instruments was created and, on the other hand, it was noted and displayed relatively prominently for each right-handed instrument if a left-handed option is available.  

Furthermore, there is now a constantly growing artist page on which national and selected international Schecter artists are continuously presented.  

Of course, a dealer search should not be missing on the new All Schecter dealers from Germany, Austria, Benelux and Poland can be found here.  

A visit to is definitely worth it!