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DOD Chthonic - fat and feisty sounding fuzz pedal


DOD Chthonic - fat and feisty sounding fuzz pedal
The Chthonic Fuzz (pronounced THAH-nik) produces lush, full-on fuzz sounds that harmonize perfectly with single-coils, P90s and a variety of other single-coil pickups. PAF-style humbucker players should not feel left out. Conceptually, however, this fuzz pedal was designed with brighter guitars and amps in mind.
The circuit design is based on a popular single knob '70s fuzz circuit, enhanced with additional subtle tone control (Lustre) and effective gain control (Fuzz).
The result is a clean, powerful fuzz sound with an earthy, dark character that responds well to the guitar's volume pot. The Chthonic Fuzz will be available from the end of January from all DIGITECH/DOD dealers and well-stocked specialist retailers at a recommended retail price of 149 euros.
More information about the Chthonic Fuzz and the Digitech/DOD dealer locator can be found at: Chthonic Fuzz - DigiTech