Rickenbacker Collage 5 String Bässe



RICKENBACKER and its owners, the Hall family, can look back at a crazy success story riddled with many unforgettable highlights over the decades.

The basis for the RICKENBACKER brand was formed in 1938 when the first electric guitar, the legendary Frying Pan, was patented by George Beauchamp.

What followed is a success story with many innovations and pioneering work in the area of stringed instruments.

Unlike most other brands, the iconic RICKENBACKER models managed to garner a fan base across all imaginable musical genres. Many of its products are so symbolic that they are considered cult objects by fans of many renowned, unforgettable bands and musicians.

To this day RICKENBACKER guitars and basses have remained a must-have for countless artists and bands across the widest variety of genres and styles. It's no wonder, therefore, that the name and the instruments mean something to virtually every musician.

The striking design and unique sound have given the RICKENBACKER brand its status as an instrument legend.

100% made in the USA - all RICKENBACKER instruments are produced exclusively at the RICKENBACKER factory in Santa Ana, California.

State-of-the-art machines combined with top-quality wood and craftsmanship ensure that production quality maintains its high standards.

This continues a success story that began a long time ago.

“At RockWall Guitars, we view RICKENBACKER as an extraordinary brand steeped in tradition. The strong, easy partnership we enjoy with MUSIK & TECHNIK has ensured we always meet the expectations of our RICKENBACKER customers. An honest and close partnership that is truly a pleasure.”