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Tom Käser from the band SLEARS is new FGN Artist

Tom was introduced to FGN guitars by guitarist and singer extraordinaire, Oliver Hartmann (Hartmann, Tobias Sammet's Avantasia, and many more), in whose preprogram SLEARS played. After nerdy guitarist technical discussions, Oliver is an FGN expert with his own signature model(!) and his own research, the likeable Bavarian realized that his personal demands on ear, eye and heart could only be met with the FGN J-Standard Iliad Dark Evolution 7.

In addition to the matching appearance, he has been playing 7-string guitars for about 25 years and loves the T-style shaping, the excellent playability, the low weight and the assertive sound played a decisive role for him in his choice. The Fishman Fluence pickups also seamlessly transport his powerful yet sensitive playing into the sound of SLEARS' hard contemporary rock music.

Tom on the Iliad DE7: "A stylish guitar without frills and fuss with excellent playability and a killer sound! We both became friends immediately. And so I'm even more pleased to be part of the FGN family from now on."

With two albums, various singles and excellent reviews from all over the world, the guys from near Rosenheim near Munich, show that modern rock from Bavaria is heard across borders. The single "Haven" has had well over 1,500 airplay appearances in German-speaking countries (including on Bayern 1, Radio Bremen 4 and Rock Antenne) and reached nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify.
SLEARS was voted one of the top five bands in Bavaria by Rock Antenne.


Toms FGN guitars

FGN J-Standard Iliad Dark Evolution 7, both in Open Pore Black and in Open Pore White



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