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In the 1970s, company founder Lloyd Baggs began his dream job of building guitars in downtown Los Angeles, California. Back then, his goal was to build the best-sounding acoustic guitars.

Lloyd recognised the needs and wishes of many acoustic guitarists early on. In his studio, acoustic guitar recordings were made using sophisticated microphone setups to achieve the best possible sound. The pickups around at the time were never satisfactory during live band/stage sound. What’s the point of a great-sounding guitar if it sounds terrible live?

This is when the first ground-breaking products came about. The news that Baggs was building unbelievably good acoustic guitar pickups spread like wildfire around the world. Quite a few renowned artists started to endorse Baggs’ products. Through constant innovation, the young company continued to grow and is now a classic example of the all-American dream.

L.R. BAGGS products are the best on the market. With multi-award winning American production quality and innovative product designs, L.R. BAGGS is constantly setting new trends.

It’s not without good reason that many of the products in this range have long-since been unrivalled in this area.
The same principle applies today as it did back then: making acoustic stringed instruments with the best sound for bands and on-stage.

“L.R. BAGGS pickups have won me over with their ability to reproduce the wide frequency range of our guitars 1:1. They are also capable of flawlessly reproducing the character of the instrument, from acoustic bass to ukulele, along with being easy to install and uncomplicated to use on stage.”