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VIC FIRTH introduces the RUTE-X rods

RUTE-X – the perfect symbiosis of rod and drumstick!

The feel and response of a drumstick with the volume control and alternative sounds of a VIC FIRTH RUTE. The Vic Firth RUTE-X rods offer unparalleled dynamic versatility, solid rimshots, and cross sticking that you just can't get with traditional rods. Perfect for the studio, practice, or any low volume setting. Available in 4 models: light gauge, medium gauge, and heavy gauge premium birch, and a durable poly synthetic.​ The VIC FIRTH Rute-X rods offer alternative sounds and volume control with the feel and response of a drumstick.

Rimshots and crosssticks are effortless with this drumstick/rod hybrid design. The synthetic version has a darker, warmer sound. All models feature a precision-engineered, walnut-stained US hickory handle for responsive feel and versatility. A movable band can be adjusted to dial in your sound and feel.

  • VFRXL, RUTE-X Rods, light, birch bristles
  • VFRXM, RUTE-X Rods, medium, birch bristles
  • VFRXH, RUTE-X Rods, heavy, birch bristles
  • VFRXP, RUTE-X Rods, plastic bristles

Recommended retail price 32.00 Euro / CHF 36.00

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