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SPECTOR Bass - New NS Pulse II Series launched!

The NS Pulse II features Spector's iconic curved body design and a selection of impressive features including a Quilted Maple with a Swamp Ash body, a Roasted Maple neck with a Macassar Ebony fingerboard, active EMG pickups and Spector's TonePump Jr. pre-amp. The deep stain colors & matte finish provides a durable, yet refined look.
The NS Pulse II represents the core of Spector’s iconic design.

The three-dimensionally carved body is a trademark of the Spector brand and provides a uniquely comfortable playing experience for all bassists. The NS Pulse II basses feature a highly figured Quilted Maple top and Swamp Ash body paired with a three-piece Roasted Maple bolt-on neck, complete with a Macassar Ebony fingerboard. The roasting process results in a neck that provides enhanced stability & resonance, while the Macassar Ebony fingerboard ensures clear note definition and projection.

This model is also equipped with EMG active pickups and the Spector TonePump Jr. active pre-amp. This combination yields a range of impressive & aggressive noise-free tones. Additional features like a locking bridge, illuminating side dots, and a custom 12th fret inlay round out an already impressive feature set. NS Pulse II basses are available in three distinct colors, Black Cherry, Black Stain, and Ultra-Violet, each with a durable matte finish.


  • Quilted Maple Top
  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Three-piece Roasted Maple Neck
  • Macassar Ebony Fingerboard
  • Illuminating Side Dots
  • 12th Fret Mother of Pearl Spector Inlay
  • Active EMG Pickups
  • SPECTOR TonePump Jr. Pre-amp
  • Locking Bridge
  • Die-cast Tuners
  • Graphite Nut
  • Black Cherry, Black Stain, and Ultra-Violet

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