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FGN - Guitars & Basses - Max Hemmann from MOTOROWL is FGN Endorser

The band MOTOROWL, founded in 2014 in Thueringen, play a broad mixture of psychedelic rock with heavy guitar riffs, which at times allow modern influences of today's bands like Mastodon. Other songs, on the other hand, feel more like a mighty wall of doom rock that brings certain nuances of retro rock. A very successful mix that goes down great with the fans. The highlight so far was the 2018 album "Atlas", which was released on Century Media Records.

In the scene, the band also quickly gained a name live and so Max could already test the quality and sound with his FGN J-Standard Iliad on many stages and festivals across Europe.

Max on his instrument:
„I've been playing more classic models like Les Pauls, Stratocasters and hollowbody guitars since I started playing guitar. But 100% of the time I modded them with new pickups and circuits. At some point I had a FGN Iliad in my hands and was surprised how powerful this guitar sounded with my distortion setup. A few years later, I'm now part of the FGN Artist family and happy to have two J-Standard on tour with me."

Max plays J-Standard Iliad Alder HH

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