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Breathtaking special 20th anniversary model: the microKORG Crystal is here!

Probably no other synthesiser has left as big a mark on the music world as it has over the last two decades; there is hardly a synthesiser fan who has not had it in their fingers at least once. For 20 years now, it has enjoyed great popularity among producers and live musicians alike, making it impossible to imagine the studios and stages of this world without it. We are talking about the microKORG, and to celebrate its 20th anniversary, KORG has come up with something very special!

With its eye-catching design, the microKORG Crystal literally draws the focus to the inner values of the virtual-analogue synthesiser, as the housing is almost completely semi-transparent and thus offers deep insights into its otherwise hidden technology. This unique design is completed by a control panel in mirror optics and high-quality aluminium side panels. To further enhance the "cool" look of the instrument, the internal circuit boards have been designed exclusively for this special model in the colour white. Under the semi-transparent bonnet of the microKORG Crystal, the virtual analogue sound generation with quadruple polyphony, integrated vocoder and additional effects is at work, which has always given it its status as a living legend. This unique special model comes with an exclusive, transparent vinyl carrying case with a printed KORG logo.

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