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ARP celebrates the revamp of its most legendary synthesizer

When the ARP 2600 FS first hit the scene in January 2020, the hype caused by the faithful reproduction of the original was so big, the limited edition sold out in next to no time. The synthesizer legend has now returned – as a compact desktop module carefully manufactured in Japan.

Inside the new ARP 2600 M desktop module, the same analog circuits and components found in the popular full size version are busy transporting the authentic ARP sound into the modern era. Despite a roughly 60% reduction in size compared to the original, the analog spring reverb and internal build-in speakers have remained true to the original and continue to work their magic in the ARP 2600 M desktop module. The semi-modular analog synthesizer also comes with a range of extra features to simplify integration in modern recording and live setups. For example, the module features both filter types from the various versions of the ARP 2600, USB A and B ports for direct connection to USB keyboards or USB MIDI compatible devices, a DIN MIDI input, improved faders and symmetrical jack outputs (L/R). The ARP 2600 M comes with a matching case for optimal protection and easy transportation.

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ARP 2600 M – Semi-Modular Synthesizer