U.S. Boutique Sound - The cult amps from N.Y.C.

AGUILAR Amplification set itself the goal of providing bassists with unique equipment using top-quality technical processes. As a designer and manufacturer of bass amps, cabinets, preamps, pickups and effects pedals, we help to achieve that distinctive bass sound. All of our products are based on an in-depth, practical and musical understanding.

Our team of bassists and engineers enable us to create appliances from a musician's perspective and further develop them using innovative technology. Our philosophy of ‘ongoing improvement’ helps us guarantee advancements every day and to develop products that significantly impact your music's bass sound.

AGUILAR equips stages and sound studios worldwide with amplifiers, cabinets and pedals. Our preamps and pickups are used in many world-class bass guitars.

We are proud to have such an influence on the sound of many great bassists and look forward to becoming part of your sound too!