Please welcome Stanislav Akimov, Tour- and Studio Bass Player, as new AGUILAR Artist

Profound education, determination and consistency have shaped Stani Akimov into a hard-working touring and studio bass player and multi-instrumentalist. His strong influences from world music, jazz and funk predestine the graduate of a music degree at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences for his wide-ranging performances with Iranian pop artist Shadmehr Aghili, among others.

On numerous tours since 2022, he has played to thousands of people around the world, including at legendary concert venues such as the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver, Canada and the Turkcell Vadi stage in Istanbul, Turkey.

Whenever tour activities allow, the young Osnabrück native is on the road as a studio musician. In 2021, he recorded the EP Kleinstadtflair with the German indie-pop band Kahro and has since participated in many album and single productions by various artists.

Regardless of tour, studio or TV productions, for Stani song-serving music making is in the foreground. The demand is therefore a versatile sound, which still allows a recognition value. He chose the AGUILAR Tone Hammer 500 amp in combination with a jazz bass. And in case there is no AGUILAR system available, Stani has his Tone Hammer pedal in his suitcase for safety's sake:

"I associate AGUILAR with two things: great sound and reliability. And to be honest, that's all I need! Since I've been using AGUILAR my gear hasn't let me down once and my sound has always blended well into the mix, whether it's clean, distorted, punchy or smooth! "

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Facebook: Stanislav Akimov

Photo Credits: Todor Akimov & Sylvia Bothmer