CORT limited edition models

Experience and craftsmanship of the best CORT luthiers are the foundation of these limited edition guitars. These instruments are absolute masterpieces in terms of sound and appearance. Only the best master grade woods and finest components are used on these guitars.

Abstract Limited
Designed, developed and built with the most serious acoustic guitar connoisseurs in mind, the Abstract Limited will also appeal to the professional performing and recording artist who seek the best sound and performance possible. Equipped with the highly-regarded L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup and electronics and gold Gotoh 510Z machine heads, the Abstract Limited provides the sonic quality and reliable functionality professionals can depend on.

The OM-LE KOA is an all-solid acoustic guitar made from Hawaiian Koa. It is one of the most sought after tonewoods well known for its bright yet balanced and cohesive sound. It is also one of the most beautiful woods with a luxurious high-end look. Fitting for a Limited Edition model, only the handpicked Master Grade woods were used for the builds. In addition the OM-LE KOA comes with a vintage style OM body, L.R. Baggs® Anthem pickup/preamp system, custom beveled armrest, magnificent fingerboard inlays and Gotoh® 510Z machine heads.

Both models are available in an extremely limited edition. Fore more information on both guitars go to