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When past and future meet - The new effect pedals from KORG

The new additions to the KORG Nu:Tekt series offer, as usual, the chance to assemble your own equipment and, in addition to the sound, to create an ideal value and a personal reference. While the Power Tube Reactor revives a familiar tone, the Harmonic Distortion Pedal creates new sounds and enables innovative soundscapes. Since no soldering or external tools are required to assemble the effects pedals, they can be assembled anywhere.

The KORG Nu:Tekt TR-S effect pedal enables the dynamics, feel and natural compression of a tube amp, no matter what amp is used. Whether playing or recording with a transistor amp or a digital amp in a DAW, the Power Tube Reactor creates an authentic and lively tube characteristic.

The KORG Nu:Tekt HD-S pedal combines three different distortion circuits to create harmonic modulation that goes beyond the traditional concept of distortion. Designed by Fumio Mieda, the effects unit enables a wide range of previously unknown sounds, from traditional fuzz to exceptionally distorted modulations like never before. Not only in combination with guitars the Harmonic Distortion Pedal finds its application, but also with basses, synthesizers and everywhere where unique sounds are desired, the HD-S Pedal leaves room to discover new things and create individual sounds.