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VOX presents five new guitar models for autumn season!

The teardrop guitar is one of the most iconic shapes in guitar history! The VOX Mark III mini offers this special shape in an exceptionally mobile version with ¾ scale length. Despite the short scale length of 476 mm, the small guitar can be easily played in standard E tuning thanks to special tuners and strings with a slightly higher gauge, which makes rethinking chords and constant transposing unnecessary. This way, the Mark III mini is ideal as a travel companion or as the first instrument for growing-up guitar heroes for whom a standard electric guitar would not yet be an option due to its size. The two single-coil pickups provide an enormous tonal variety, and thanks to the included bag, nothing stands in the way of unlimited mobile use.

The Solid Black design brings out a guitar that is completely black and thus has a particularly elegant look.

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VOX Mark III mini

The VOX Bobcat is inspired by the classic VOX guitars from the 1960s. While the Bobcat V90 features two V90 soapbar pickups and the Bobcat S66 three singlecoil pickups, both combine the classic design with state-of-the-art features. The lightweight body was equipped with a sustain block, which makes the guitar less susceptible to feedback and additionally guarantees better vibration characteristics. GROVER's open tuning machines provide excellent tuning stability, while the set-on neck not only has a positive effect on the sustain, but also enables excellent playability - not least in the higher registers.

Now the Bobcat V90 and S66 are also available in the new colour variants Italian Green and Sapphire Blue. The burst finish in Sapphire Blue looks traditional and modern at the same time and thus perfectly reflects the character of the instruments, while the noble finish in Italian Green evokes associations with classic sports cars of the 1960s and gives the guitars a timelessly elegant flair.

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VOX Bobcat V90 + S66