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Two NEW amps from VOX! Clubman 60 & Ukulele 50

The Clubman 60 is a 50 watt (60W peak) guitar amp designed specifically for the sonic characteristics of hollow and semi hollow body guitars and has a lot to offer with its two differently tuned channels.

The Ukulele 50 is a 50 watt (max) powerful amplifier that has voicing specifically designed for ukuleles and has a few other special features to offer besides a microphone input.

Clubman 60

Designed to bring out the best in any hollow and semi hollow body guitar, the VOX Clubman 60 features brilliant, clean tone and ease of use. The extra-lightweight 50 watt (60 W peak) amp features a Nutube, which provides a rich, lively sound rich in overtones, just like a conventional tube. The first channel has a warm and 3-dimensional sound, which allows a hi-fi sound with full frequency band thanks to the coaxial speakers with tweeter. The amplifier is designed not to overdrive even when the volume is turned up and delivers a rich and clean sound even at higher gain levels. The second channel offers traditional electric guitar sounds with emphasis on the mids/trebles, making it ideal for combining with the built-in overdrive or as a pedal platform. Thanks to the LINE OUT, the Clubman 60 is also great for recording or can be easily connected to the PA for larger gigs, making it the optimal accompaniment for most situations.

  • Power: approx. 50 W RMS (60 W peak)
  • Effects: Overdrive, Chorus, Reverb, Chorus + Reverb
  • Vacuum tube: Nutube 6P1
  • Connections: 2 × instrument, AUX IN, LINE OUT, headphones
  • Speakers: VOX Original 8″ speaker with tweeter (2-way coaxial)

Ukulele 50

The voicing of the VOX Ukulele 50 is perfectly matched to the tonal characteristics of a ukulele. Thanks to the built-in Nutube, the particularly lightweight amplifier offers a lively sound rich in overtones, which can be flexibly adjusted by the integrated effects Chorus and Reverb and presents the sound of the ukulele in the best possible way, whether on stage or in the living room. Thanks to the XLR input with phantom power, any common microphone can be connected via the Ukulele 50, making it a true all-rounder. Due to the LINE OUT jack, the amp is perfect for recording or can simply be connected to the PA for larger gigs, in order to sound even spacious locations without losing the multi-layered sound of the amp. The headphone jack, on the other hand, allows for great sound at home without annoying the neighbors, even when jamming to backing tracks via the AUX IN jack.

  • Power: approx. 50 W RMS maximum
  • Effects: Chorus, Reverb, Chorus + Reverb
  • Vacuum tube: Nutube 6P1
  • Connectors: Instrument (incl. phase switch), MIC (XLR incl. phantom power), AUX IN, headphones, LINE OUT
  • Speakers: VOX original 8″ speaker with tweeter (2-way coaxial)