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The new models from LÂG are here!

LÂG Guitars proudly presents the Travel Sauvage, the Travel Globetrotter and the new T70 series, which have various special features thanks to special manufacturing processes. With precisely selected woods and components, the new models cover a wide spectrum in terms of design and sound.

The new T70 series with even better sound and eye-catching design comes in a non-colored Natural version and a smoky, dark Black & Brown version. The range features open tuners, which give the guitars a unique look due to the visible vintage-style mechanism, while the nylon versions feature traditional, classic tuners in black. Just like the headstock in classic LÂG design, the back and sides are also made of Swietenia mahogany, which not only characterizes the design, but first and foremost ensures a high-quality sound. The optimized solid wood top and bracing ensure ideal vibration behavior, resulting in a powerful and lively sound. The excellent playability as well as the strikingly beautiful sound make the T70 series a suitable choice for beginners as well as experienced guitarists thanks to its incomparable price-performance ratio.

Tramontane T70 Serie

"Back to the Roots" is the motto of the new LÂG Travel Series.

The new Travel Sauvage Series comes in as many as three new finishes. Its special features, sawed woods and a thin varnish finish, which give it a balanced sound and a natural look. There are three different woods to choose from for the top of the guitars: Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce, or Pale Brankowood. The back and sides are made of smoked eucalyptus with a sawed look that gives the models a "wild" contemporary spirit.

The uniqueness of the PBS model is the wood used for the top: Pale Brankowood. This wood comes from the exclusive LÂG tropical preservation process, which creates a guitar that is resistant to temperature changes, humidity, UV radiation and termites. This guitar is the perfect companion for all latitudes and longitudes.


Excellent playability, defined treble and deep bass range - there is more than meets the eye in the small LAG Travel- Globe Trotter Electro travel guitar. Thanks to the curved khaya back, its balanced sound unfolds with impressive fullness. The integrated pickup transmits the natural, acoustic sound to the amplifier, so she can perform on stage as well. The compact shape and its eye-catching exterior with various stickers from all over the world, also make the acoustic guitar with solid khaya top a real eye-catcher! Despite its shorter scale length, it can be played as usual, no matter what lengths and latitudes it travels. Stickers from various places decorate the solid khaya top and thus give the small travel guitar the appropriate look.