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The new KORG Pitchblack X Series!

KORG presents the new Pitchblack X tuner series. This consists of four different models with new design and new features. At the heart of the new features is the ability to switch between True Bypass and Ultra Buffer modes. While the True Bypass mode ensures a particularly authentic and unadulterated tone, the Ultra Buffer mode amplifies the signal and thus guarantees a powerful sound even with long cables and effect chains. This works regardless of whether the respective tuner is switched on or off and applies to all four products in the series.


The Pitchblack X is the classic and skillfully follows in the footsteps of its predecessors. Its easy-to-read LED display can be used even under difficult lighting conditions thanks to the Bright mode, which increases the luminosity. Just like the other models in the series, the Pitchblack X has four different display modes and a flashing display when tuned correctly to ensure a quick tuning process.

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Thanks to its tiny size, the Pitchblack X mini can find its place even on the most crowded pedalboards. And since it has the core features of the series as well as the brighter Bright mode despite its space-efficient dimensions, it's a space-saving and far-reaching addition.

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The Pitchblack XS stands out immediately thanks to its innovative design. Those who think that a reduced size always goes hand in hand with a smaller display are welcome to be convinced otherwise. Since the screen frame also functions as a footswitch, the Pitchblack XS consists almost entirely of a display. Thus, despite its compact dimensions, it has a large and easy-to-read display, which can be enhanced by the Bright mode.

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Pitchblack X Pro – CHROMATIC TUNER

The Pitchblack X Pro has, in addition to the basic innovations of the series, other features such as a cable tester function and two input and output jacks. Output1 can be assigned with the MUTE function. Thanks to the extra large 3D display with two-stage bright mode, optimal readability is ensured in any situation, even at greater distances.

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