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The flagship workstation from KORG - now finally with aftertouch!


With its nine different sound engines, 16-fold multitimbrality, flexible sampling functions and almost unlimited expandability, KORG's NAUTILUS is the perfect choice for demanding keyboard players. With the NAUTILUS AT, KORG has gone one step further by making the flagship workstation available for the first time with two aftertouch-capable keyboard variants: a lightweight premium keyboard with 61 keys, velocity and aftertouch, and a graduated RH-3 keyboard with 88 keys, hammer action, velocity and aftertouch.

The additional aftertouch function allows lively modulations to be added to played sounds by re-applying pressure to the keys. To support this particularly expressive playing style, all sound programmes of the NAUTILUS AT have been optimised for its aftertouch functionality, allowing the full potential of its nine powerful sound engines to unfold.

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