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New update for all LÂG HyVibe models

With version [V2.2.0] 2022-03-08, the new system software brings some useful and long-awaited functions. A brand new feature is the "Playback" function, with which previously saved loops can be played back and also deleted again. To install the new update, simply connect the guitar to the HyVibe app. The update is then carried out automatically.

A complete list of new features, bug fixes and the firmware file (for those who want to update by connecting to a computer) can be found here.

This is new in version 2.2.0:

  • MIDI pedals configs where broken by adding a new possible action in the middle of the list
  • Looper: set a maximum recording duration in free mode of 30 minutes
  • New Playback menu, browse the Loops directory for wav files and allow to play / erase them
  • For Playback the volume of stereo wav files is reduced compared to mono (-14dB)
  • Looper’s metronome volume is the same as the metronome volume
  • Metronome volume is saved in device config