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Limited edition DIY kit of the ARP ODYSSEY FS in original size!

The ARP ODYSSEY is a monophonic analogue synthesizer that has been featured on countless hit productions from every conceivable style for over 50 years. Its inimitable sound, characterised above all by its versatility and assertiveness, quickly made it one of the most legendary analogue synthesizers of all time - a title it still manages to claim effortlessly today. Now it's finally back, as a strictly limited DIY kit in its original size! The assembly of the kit does not require any prior technical knowledge or soldering work, which is why it can be easily carried out even by laymen.  


In order to be able to deliver the original ARP sound, as it has always been appreciated by musicians from all over the world, the instrument was reproduced in meticulous detail work, which already started with the design of the individual circuits. Since the original ARP ODYSSEY was available in three different versions with different filter types in the course of its production, the ARP ODYSSEY FS KIT offers all three of these filter types, which can be selected very conveniently via a dedicated switch. This ensures that really all imaginable ODYSSEY sounds can be perfectly reproduced with the instrument.

All the other features of the original, such as the buttery-smooth faders, the wireless patching system via a sophisticated switch matrix, the pressure-sensitive controllers for pitch bend and modulation, as well as the iconic design of the final Revision 3 in black and orange, have been meticulously recreated down to the smallest detail. It is now possible to create an authentic new edition of the ARP ODYSSEY with your own hands, which, thanks to the exclusive metal plaque with engraved serial number, will still be a unique collector's item years from now.

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