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Brian May Signature VOX Amps

It was his wish to make his iconic and timeless sound available to everyone - and he succeeded!

The VOX MV50 Brian May brings, as the name suggests, the legendary Brian May guitar sound into your own four walls in an extremely portable version. Developed in collaboration with Brian May, the 50-watt Nutube amplifier has the voicing of a VOX Ac30 and is equipped with an additional treble booster, which provides more drive and greater assertiveness and significantly shapes the sound.

The innovative Nutube technology allows the sound and feel of a conventional tube, with much lower power consumption and wear. The resistance of the Speaker Out can be changed between 4, 8 and 16 ohms, allowing the MV50MB to be connected to pretty much any standard guitar cabinet. Thanks to the line output with speaker simulation, not only can you play comfortably and quietly through headphones, but it also allows you to connect the small but quite powerful amp directly to an interface or PA, making it a great tool for practicing, recording or playing live. The front of the amp features the signature VOX diamond pattern and Brian May's signature, representing his personal approval of the amp named after him.

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VOX MV50 Brian May Nutube Amplifier

The VOX amPlug2 Brian May was also developed in collaboration with Sir Brian May to recreate the iconic sound of his VOX AC30 signal chain in combination with the Red Special guitar and the Sixpence coin in his hand and make it accessible to all. So the little headphone amp features a switchable treble booster, 3 carefully designed on-board effects, including stereo delay with tap function and a range of accompaniment rhythms, among which you'll find the stomp and clap of "We Will Rock You". The amPlug2 simply needs to be connected to the guitar via the built-in plug and plugged into standard headphones, and it's ready to bring the stage of a stadium show into your own living room. The AUX jack allows jamming to songs or backing tracks, which are then also played back through the amplifier. The amPlug2BM also features the classic VOX diamond pattern combined with Brian May's signature to represent his personal endorsement.

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VOX amPlug2 Brian May headphone amplifier

Both models are available for a short time in a limited set with a speaker box matching the amp, a keychain and a postcard. So you can start playing right away without the need for headphones.