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Analogue. Stylish. Unique. KORG introduces the strictly limited minilogue bass.

The powerful sound of the limited-edition minilogue bass is unmistakably reflected in its confidently stylish exterior, which is completely dominated by the colours black and red. The inverted keyboard with 37 velocity-sensitive black and red slim keys immediately catches the eye. This bold design element is continued by the black knobs with red markings, while the black aluminium control panel features a black 'swirl' design inspired by the visual representation of a slowly swelling synth bass sound. To top it all off, the minilogue bass' iconic wooden back panel has also been coloured red, ensuring that the synth has what it takes to be an absolute eye-catcher on stage. Since the name says it all, the minilogue bass has been given a total of 100 new factory presets that are all about one thing: punchy, groovy and richly analogue-sounding basslines!

Since the technology under the extravagant bonnet is the same as that of the classic minilogue, it is of course possible to load its factory sounds as well as your own creations into the minilogue bass. Thus, it is not only suitable as a pure bass synthesiser, but offers the full potential of a 4-voice polyphonic analogue synthesiser. Its completely analogue signal path with 2 voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) with an analogue low-pass filter, two envelopes and an LFO offer more than enough room for creativity. Additional modulation options such as cross and ring modulation, oscillator sync and an additional delay effect with its own high-pass filter make the heart of every sound designer beat faster. And with the integrated polyphonic 16-step sequencer, loops and automations for up to 4 different parameters can be created in no time at all.

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