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MAPEX Ralph Peterson Signature Snare

To commemorate 30-year relationship with long-time artist Ralph Peterson, MAPEX started working with him on building a snare drum tailored to his playing style—relentless, fearless, and unstoppable. Merely two weeks before the drum was completed, his passing came suddenly, making the release of this Onyx drum a difficult call to make. After reaching out to Ralph’s family and manager, it is believed that moving forward would be what Ralph would have wanted and one of the best ways to preserve and continue Ralph’s legacy. “Onward and upward”


  • Size 14” x 8”
  • Construktion 7-ply 6.85mm (6-ply North American Maple + 1-ply Maple Burl)
  • Lugs In-Line Locking B-Lugs, Transparent Black-Plated
  • 3-Air Vents
  • Strainer Cylinder-Drive Strainer
  • Wire 20-Strand Wire
  • Snare Bed 2,7 mm x 5,5”
  • Bearing Edge SONIClear™ 45° Bearing Edge
  • Drumheads Evans “Onyx” Black Batter Side & Evans 300 Snare Side
  • Hoop 14-plyBlack Maple Hoops
  • Finish Transparent Black Maple Burl w/ Transparent Black-Plated Hardware
  • Badge Hand-calligraphed signature by Ralph Peterson and the classic Black Panther logo
  • Including Black Panther black cloth sack

Limited to 25 pieces in D/A/BNL (150x worldwide)