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MAPEX sends its new BLACK PANTHER snares on tour. All snares can be put through their paces at selected distributors in Germany & Austria until the end of the year.

Mapex unleashes 14 new snares featuring new materials, wood compositions and features partially adapted from the Black Panther Design Lab series, such as Air Flow Venting and Soniclear Snare Beds.

All snares are also equipped with Soniclear Bearing Edges. Additional features like the new double-ended locking B Lugs, or staggered locking B Lugs enhance the range and improved BP Cylinder Throw-offs round off the overall package.

Shadow - 14x6.5, Natural Maple Burl
Hydro - 13x7, Satin Black
Razor - 14x5, Dark Grey
Venom - 14x5, Arctic White
Heritage - 14x6, White Pricobloc Pearl
Solidus - 14x7, Brown Red Burst
Nucleus - 14x5.5, Polished Black
Pegasus - 14x5.5, Natural Maple Burl

Atomizer - 14x6.5, Aluminum
Persuader - 14x6.5, Hammered Brass
Metallion - 14x5.5, Brass
Predator - 14x6, Copper
Wasp - 10x5.5, Steel
Cyrus -14x6, Steel

The road show will launch with its first stop at Musikhaus Müller in Daun in July,

Other events include

  • Insound in Kiel (August),
  • Drumladen in St. Leon-Rot (September),
  • Music World in Brilon (October),
  • Drum Station in Maintal (November), and
  • Klangfarbe in Vienna (December),

Give it a go and discover your BLACK PANTHER sound!

You can learn more about the 14 new snares on our homepage: