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FGN Guitars and Basses - News 2021 finally available!

Musicians have long been waiting for this. In keeping with the times, FGN has unveiled its 2021 range of innovations just as it's once again possible to organize and attend live music, concerts and events.

Fresh new color creations such as "Hyla Green Metallic" and "Sapphire Blue Metallic", along with new additions to the 7-string guitars have been added, particularly in the J-Standard series and popular Boundary series. A white version equipped with all of the latest features has also been introduced with the new FGN J-Standard Iliad 7 Dark Evolution.

Our basses are available with a number of exciting new and useful features in addition to the additional colors "Azuki Metallic", "Open Pore Blue" and "Black". For example, the truss rod access was moved to the top, making it easier for users to adjust. The body's neck joint has similarly been improved to provide more punch and sustain with its larger contact surface.

That’s not all: FGN is currently in the gradual process of switching the woods for its guitar and bass fretboards from Granadillo to Rosewood.

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