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FGN - Guitars & Basses / M.S. (Matthias Sollak) from HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY, plays FGN guitars!

FGN Guitars & Basses are very happy to welcome M.S. (Matthias Sollak), the mastermind of the Austrian Post-Black-Metal/Blackgaze band HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY as a new endorser.

It has to be said that M.S. was a user of FGN guitars long before he became an official artist and appreciated their advantages and handling. So if an endorsement, then FGN.
M.S.: "My FGN Mythic has been with me since 2016 and has already proven itself in countless concerts in various countries. Both playability and sound have absolutely convinced me and I am now happy to be a member of the FGN family and to be able to take several of these instruments with me on my travels."

The band HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY was already founded in December 2011. It didn't take long until they could gather a still growing fan base around them with their music. Over the years, a total of five studio albums and many music videos followed, as well as countless performances and tours that also went beyond the European borders.
The band was even nominated for an Amadeus Austrian Music Award in the category Hard & Heavy.
In the scene, the band is a constant. Especially with the success of the album Mære, released in 2020, the guys got another kick forward.

What's coming up now are more tours and shows and hopefully a new album soon.

Matthias plays a black FGN Mythic, a white FGN DarkEvolution 664 and the FGN Expert Odyssey FM in Navy Blue Gradation.

We wish M.S. continued fun and success with his FGN guitar, his band and his projects.